Dave Santoro: Standards Band

Like Carter, on Standards Band bassist Dave Santoro plays more of a supportive role than a solo role. He does solo, however, showing mind-before-fingers deliberateness on “Stairway to the Stars,” “The More I See You” and “For All We Know.” He seems equally influenced by the high-note lyricism of Scott LaFaro and the big-toned low register of players such as Paul Chambers and Ray Brown.

Tenor saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi and pianist Bruce Barth are the main soloists in this quartet, with drummer Tom Melito completing the group. Throughout the seven standards that comprise the album, Bergonzi demonstrates that he is one of the best Coltrane-influenced saxophonists; he is supple, swinging, and full of ideas. Barth ranges from clipped, Wynton Kelly-like treble tinkling to more robust accents a la Tyner. For a take on how a skillful, mature post-Trane group approaches standards, check out this album.