Dave Goldberg/Duane Allen Quintet: When Time Approaches

This youthful Florida-based quartet-co-led by saxophonist Goldberg and guitarist Allen-taps the talents of veteran drummer Adam Nussbaum on their second release, devoted to original compositions. The tunes themselves offer few surprises, just nice grooves and well-honed melodies and chord changes designed for blowing. On some numbers, the guitar’s distorted tone seems a bit out of place; however, Allen and Goldberg generally work well together, making some nice individual contributions and intricately interacting on numbers like the title track, which finds them gracefully bobbing and weaving as they solo simultaneously. Variety is provided by the pretty Latin number “Someday Summer Day”), the fusiony “Eclipse” and the moody “Dark Sketch,” which sounds like it’s based on a couple of changes by Debussy.

Throughout, Nussbaum does a great job at holding everything together and adding subtle touches that no doubt elevate the overall performance.