Damian Erskine: So To Speak

Portland-based six-string electric bassist Damian Erskine, a nephew of drumming great Peter Erskine, showcases his compositional side on his second outing as a leader. From Latin-flavored originals like “Inside Out” and “Cabrerina” to the hard-hitting groover “American Gyro,” Erskine puts a premium on group sound, choosing to bubble underneath almost subliminally rather than wail over the top with fluent single-note lines-though he does stretch out with nimble low-end soloing on “FIF” and melodic high-register playing on the aptly named “Light.” Percussionist Rafael Trujillo is highlighted on “FIF” and “Aslant,” while guitarist Chris Mosley shines on “Inside Out,” the fusion-tinged “Creep” and the buoyant “Kaluanui.”