Curtis Macdonald: Twice Through the Wall

As he demonstrated on Community Immunity, his 2011 album for Dave Douglas’ Greenleaf label, Curtis Macdonald is an alto saxophonist of style and expressive power. But on two of the three songs on this 20-minute EP, he holds back as a soloist, allowing rawboned tenor saxophonist Jeremy Viner and sharp-edged drummer Adam Jackson-and Macdonald’s intricate but direct compositions-to make the strongest statements. Also featuring bassist Chris Tordini and pianist David Virelles, Twice Through the Wall has a bursting immediacy, whether applying a lilting Caribbean gloss to “Comic Fortress” (a trio piece) or going full-gale with its driving melody and staggered voicings on “Physical Memory.” Available in digital form only, this great-sounding EP leaves you wanting more while satisfying as a self-contained work.