Curtis Macdonald: Community/Immunity

Inventive alto saxophonist Curtis Macdonald, a Canadian currently based in Brooklyn, applies his buttery tone and skewed sensibilities to several intriguing tracks on his debut as a leader. While grooving, twisting numbers like “Figmentum II,” the urgent “Second Guessing” and the angular title track may recall the early M-Base experiments of alto saxophonists Greg Osby and Steve Coleman, Macdonald explores some wholly unique territory on the darkly foreboding “Childhood Sympathy”; the ethereal “Mosaic I,” a stark, rubato trio number with bassist Chris Tordini and drummer Greg Ritchie; and the kinetic “The Living Well.” On the other end of the dynamic spectrum is the chamber-like “Somnolence IV” and the graceful brushes ballad “The Imagineer.”