Connie Evingson: Fever: A Tribute to Peggy Lee

Fair-haired and too-cool Connie Evingson became a full-fledged celebrity in Minneapolis last year after performing in the musical biography Fever: A Tribute to Peggy Lee, which ran for five hot-ticket weeks at the city’s Illusion Theater. Evingson-who looks eerily like Lee during her early years-conjures the spirit of the legendary singer-songwriter without falling into the easy trap of imitation. On the CD version of the show-which is only Evingson’s second full-length studio release-such standards as “I Love Being Here With You,” “It’s a Good Day” and, of course, “Fever” are handled with a subdued, smoky reverence. Only on the closing cut, “Is That All There Is?” does Evingson stumble and prove how far it is to divadom.