Chris Flory: Word On The Street

Especially inspired by guitarist Bill Jennings and organist Wild Bill Davis, Flory swings relentlessly, often serving up a generous blues helping. On this recording he opts for the organ trio format, relying on the talents of B-3 pilot Mike LeDonne and drummer Mark Taylor.

The tunes themselves, generally not associated with the organ trio, constitute one of the more obvious aspects that set this album apart. “Comes Love” gets a Latin make over and finds Flory swinging hard over clave rhythm rim shots and a lush organ cushion. He particularly burns on Basie’s “Taps Miller,” a brisk rhythm changes workout that also features LeDonne’s fancy footwork on the B-3’s pedals and Taylor’s tight, succinct fills. But Flory can also play it soft and sensitive, as he demonstrates on “I’m A Fool To Love You,” where he renders the melody with lyrical single notes and octaves before taking the tempo up a notch for the solos. A grooving, refreshing blend of tradition, subtle creativity, and fiery fretwork.