Brian Carpenter Ghost Train Orchestra: Hothouse Stomp

Brian Carpenter’s band of Brooklyn renegades reinvestigates the potency of music from the 1920s, in this case by Tiny Parham (“Mojo Strut,” “Voodoo,” “Lucky 3-6-9”), Don Redman (“The Boy in the Boat”) and Charlie Johnson (“Hot Bones and Rice,” “Hot Tempered Blues”). Alto saxophonist Andy Laster adds a Downtown edge to the proceedings as Ron Caswell’s tuba, Curtis Hasselbring’s trombone, Dennis Lichtman’s clarinet, Brandon Seabrook’s banjo and Carpenter’s trumpet ground the session in authenticity. Violinist Mazz Swift (from Greg Tate’s Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber) adds soulful vocals on Redman’s “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You” and “Blues Sure Have Got Me.”