Brad Dutz/Vinny Golia: Duets

Dutz plays over twenty different percussion instruments and Golia over ten different reed instruments on over seventy-three minutes of music. Dutz composed three of the fourteen pieces and the rest were jointly improvised. The musical elements available to two musicians using these instruments is by definition a bit limited, especially harmonically when there is no instrument capable of playing chords. Dutz and Golia seem to deal with this by expanding the timbral variations available to them; and they have clearly tried to utilize a variety of musical sounds. They seem to seek to express musical interaction through timbral and rhythmic motifs.

It is likely that the duo could feel their interaction more strongly than most listeners will be able to. The record seems much more process oriented than results oriented; only “Swimming Risk in China”, and “Rumors of Confirmation” in which the duo gets very interesting effects with vocal qualities, sustain repeated listening.