April Barrows: My Dream is You

April Barrows sings like a songbird of yore: think a young Rosemary Clooney, June Christy, the Boswell Sisters and make sure to include Patsy Cline, too. She has a supple voice that can luxuriously wrap itself around a word. All the better to make imagery and emotions expressed more tangible.Songs on My Dream is You-all of which are about the ups and downs of romance-sound like jazz standards. But surprise, they’re all originals by Barrows. Her lyrics, with lines such as “I’m addin’ a room in my heart for you,” recall an era when it was hip to be sweet and sentimental.

The band, all Nashville session men, squarely complement Barrows, swinging hard, with the horn and guitar work shining brightest. Most of the material comes off mid-tempo. Barrows’ clear voice carries a girlish yet knowing tone. It’s a what’s old is new again deal that works right nicely.