Aaron Bing: Secret Place

“Experience the long-winded, smooth and sensual sounds of jazz artist Aaron Bing,” reads his current press bio. That statement veers into unintentional hilarity after you’ve learned a little bit about the saxophonist. A few years ago, Bing scored a gig on Late Show With David Letterman, where he attempted to break the world record for a sustained single note. Notoriously long-winded saxophonist Kenny G held the record until one Vann Burchfield went all Guinness on him at 47 minutes and 6 seconds. Bing didn’t break the record on Letterman’s show, but he did blow on and on for 39 minutes and 40 seconds.

Circular-breathing contests aside, Bing is a talent for sure. His latest CD includes 10 original songs performed by Bing the one-man-band: That’s him you hear on the soprano and alto saxes, along with all the other instruments. Obvious influences include Kenny G, of course, as well as Grover Washington Jr. “After the Storm” and “Without You” are moonlight ballads, while “Into the Light,” “Joyful” and “My Sunshine” have more energy and sass. Give Bing credit for learning his lessons well: This is top-notch independent smooth jazz, well worth repeated listening. And there are a few long-winded notes thrown in, of course.

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