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Vandoren has introduced an iPhone app that puts the knowledge and expertise of over 100 years of reed making and over 75 years of mouthpiece making at the user’s fingertips.

This app makes the entire Vandoren universe accessible at the touch of a button. The app is both informative and helpful, making available everything from the history of Vandoren to a complete list of their world-wide distributors to offering tips to help the user find the ideal reed and mouthpiece combination and optimize the use of that setup.

“The new app from Vandoren sets a new, higher standard for service,” said Jim Metz, marketing manager for DANSR inc, the sole US importer of Vandoren products. “With this app, Vandoren shows that they are not only committed to making the best reeds, mouthpieces and accessories on the market, but that they are also interested in helping their customers get the most out of their products. No other company has the knowledge and know-how that Vandoren has, and no other company has made that available to their customers in the way Vandoren has. Once again, Vandoren has proven why they are an industry leader.”

The new Vandoren iPhone app is available now from the iTunes store at no charge.

For more information on Vandoren products, contact DANSR, inc, at 888-707-4455 or consult the Vandoren website.