Researcher Seeks Assistance with Jazz Airchecks

Recordings and info wanted on classic jazz deejays

To assist in a current research project on jazz radio, I’m currently seeking information, particularly broadcast airchecks, of classic jazz deejays around the country and internationally as well (though in the case of international, English-speakers-ala Willis Conover-are preferred). Examples of classic jazz deejays include such masters as Oscar Treadwell, Mort Fega, Sid McCoy, Ed Beach, Chuck Niles, Holmes “Daddy O’Dailey,” Billy Taylor, “Jazzbeaux” Collins, Harry Abraham, Symphony Sid, Yvonne Daniels, Rick Holmes and the like (including unsung voices from your community’s history whom you consider “classic” representatives of the genre). If you have any printed information (such as playlists, newsletters, articles, etc.) and/or broadcast airchecks you might be interested in sharing (I’ll pay for copies where necessary), please contact me at the email address listed below.

Willard Jenkins
[email protected]