Reminder: APAP|NYC and JazzTimes collaborate on DIY Crash Course Today!

Magazine partners with Association of Performing Arts Presenters to host free day of workshops and presentations for jazz artists and professionals

Ben Allison
Steven Bernstein
Marcus Strickland
Fay Victor
Matt Wilson by Jimmy Katz

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The Association of Performing Arts Presenters and JazzTimes magazine will present the JazzTimes DIY Crash Course today, Thursday, January 5, 2012 at the Hilton New York in New York City during APAP|NYC 2012, the leading annual performing arts industry gathering. The day of workshops and presentations is geared to both emerging and established artists, as well as jazz and performing arts professionals and students. The sessions are free and open to the public.

Among the workshop topics are: “Music for Sale: New models for selling your music”; “Breaking Through the Clutter: Social media for publicity, promotion and profit?”; “New Models for Jazz Performance and Touring: Going beyond the traditional club and festival circuit”; “The Jazz Artist as Small Business Owner and Manager.” Throughout the day, artists and professionals will deliver “solo spots,” short TED-like inspirational presentations.

Moderators, panelists and speakers include: Ben Allison; Steven Bernstein; Taylor Ho Bynum; Kevin Calabro (Calabro Music Media); Mark Christman (Ars Nova Workshop); Jason Crane (The Jazz Session); Dianne Debicella (Fractured Atlas); Jeanna Disney (International Music Network); Sara Donnelly; Marc Free (Posi-Tone); Dick Huey (Toolshed Marketing); Vijay Iyer; Josh Jackson (The Checkout); Jim Macnie; John Newcott (WBGO); Brice Rosenbloom (BOOM Collective); Meghan Stabile (Revive Music Group); Marcus Strickland; Bret Sjerven (Sunnyside Records); Fay Victor; Dmitri Vietze (rock paper scissors); Myles Weinstein (Unlimited Myles); Matt Wilson; and others TBA. Matt Merewitz (Fully Altered Media) and Sara Donnelly assisted with the planning of the sessions.

Lee Mergner, event organizer and the publisher of JazzTimes, says that the aim of the program is to provide practical and tangible information about navigating professionally in an increasingly challenging economic landscape.

“Things are tough out there, but we didn’t want the sessions to be a series of ‘woe is us’ laments,” he explains. “It was important for us to include new voices from the jazz community to talk positively about their past experiences as well as their vision for the future. In the last few years, we’ve seen many new models emerging from a younger generation of artists and professionals, and that had to be the focus for the DIY Crash Course.”

Mergner organized the JazzTimes Convention and then the industry track of the IAJE conference from 1993 until 2008, when IAJE closed its doors. “Part of the appeal of those gatherings was the opportunity for the jazz community to get together and share ideas and resources,” he says. “We want the DIY Crash Course to have that same sort of ‘hang’ where folks can network and learn as much from each other as they do from the panelists and speakers.”

The JazzTimes DIY Crash Course is the one-day precursor to JazzConnect: Building Jazz Culture – Local to Global, a jazz track that runs throughout APAP|NYC 2012 (Jan. 6-10, 2012). Dynamic and inspiring leaders, speakers and visionaries will explore ways to build and support a cultural community through jazz and to improve branding and advocacy. The seven sessions of JazzConnect will culminate in the NEA Jazz Masters Awards concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“We are pleased to host the JazzTimes DIY Crash Course and JazzConnect at APAP|NYC because jazz is an indigenous art that is integral to our identity as a nation,” says Mario Garcia Durham. “We are also fulfilling the mission of APAP by supporting the jazz presenting field as well as the emerging and professional artists and leaders within it.”

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JazzTimes DIY Crash Course

Thursday Jan 5, 2012

At Concourse A, Hilton New York

Schedule of Sessions:

10:00 am SOLO SPOT (10 minutes)

Vijay Iyer

10:15 am WORKSHOP (60 minutes)

Music for Sale: New models for selling your music

With Borders and other traditional retail outlets shutting their doors, channels for distribution of recorded music have changed dramatically. Beyond iTunes there are many online music services for sales and airplay. This workshop discusses strategies for the emerging artist to navigate this new and always evolving sales landscape.

Moderator: John Newcott (WBGO)


Phillip Bailey (Concord Music Group)

Forrest Faubion (Allegro Media)

Bret Sjerven (Sunnyside)

Marc Free (Posi-Tone )

11:30 am SOLO SPOT (5-10 minutes)

Jason Crane (The Jazz Session)

11:45 am WORKSHOP (60 minutes)

Breaking Through the Clutter: Social media for publicity, promotion and profit?

As traditional print & broadcast media become more and more obsolete, as the record store has all but died, as digital retailers and editorial websites have increased in power and influence, a new culture of readers and consumers has emerged-a group that goes first and foremost to the internet for all of its information & entertainment needs. We discuss this culture and how they interact with each other in real time. Topics will include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pandora, and other important ways social media is used to spread the word on music and other topics.

Moderator: Dmitri Vietze (rock paper scissors)


Kevin Calabro (Calabro Music Media)

Dick Huey (Toolshed Marketing)

Josh Jackson (The Checkout)

12:45 pm BREAK (60 minutes)

1:45 pm SOLO SPOT (10 minutes)

Fay Victor

2:00 pm WORKSHOP (60 minutes)

New Models for Jazz Performance and Touring: Going beyond the traditional club and festival circuit

The days of a jazz club in every city are over and large venues are only looking for big names, but there are all sorts of new performing opportunities available to emerging artists, both in New York City and across the country. Presenters and booking agents share what they know from the frontlines.

Moderator: Jim Macnie


Mark Christman (Ars Nova Workshop)

Jeanna Disney (International Music Network)

Brice Rosenbloom (BOOM Collective)

Meghan Stabile (Revive Music Group)

Myles Weinstein (Unlimited Myles)

3:15 pm SOLO SPOT (10 minutes)

Steven Bernstein

3:25 pm WORKSHOP (60 minutes)

The Jazz Artist as Small Business Owner and Manager

As musicians add fundraising, promotion, producing, recording, distribution, management and booking to their skill sets, individuals are becoming organizations. Some thrive on collective output and multiple platforms. What are the benefits and challenges to incorporating, becoming a non-profit entity, seeking fiscal sponsorship, and taking on self-management/promotion?

Moderator: Sara Donnelly (Arts Consultant)


Ben Allison

Taylor Ho Bynum

Dianne Debicella (Fractured Atlas)

Marcus Strickand (Strick Music)

4:30 pm SOLO SPOT (10 minutes)

Matt Wilson