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Hugh Masekela
Jazz Around The World
Billy Cobham
Hugh Masekela

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In case you missed the memo, jazz is now an international music. Maybe it’s the long-term result of all that jazz ambassadoring from Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Dave Brubeck. Maybe it’s the internet. Maybe it’s the fall of the Iron Curtain. We don’t actually know. We’ll have to leave it to some PhD candidate to properly explain why jazz musicians don’t have to come from Philadelphia or Detroit any more. But it’s true. Here at JT, we get incredible new releases from artists hailing from all over the globe-Israel, Benin, Korea, Argentina, Serbia, Philippines, Netherlands, Turkey, Peru… Well, you get the idea. Putumayo, the famous world music sampler company with those cool packages and displays, have recognized this demographic shift with their latest release, Jazz Around the World. Among the countries represented in this engaging collection are Algeria, New Zealand (no, it’s not the Flight of the Conchords), France, Mexico, Cameroon and Quebec (okay, not exactly a country).

Jazz Around the World is Putumayo’s third jazz collection, joining recent releases Latin Jazz and Women of Jazz. It’s also the newest addition to Putumayo’s best-selling “Around the World” series, which includes Salsa Around the World (400,000 sold), Reggae Around the World (300,000 sold) Blues Around the World (125,000 sold) and Tango Around the World (100,000 sold). Polka Around the World anyone?

Here is a track list for Jazz Around The World:

1.Chantal Chamberland: “La Mer”

2. Niuver: “Quiéreme Mucho”

3. Blick Bassy: “Donalina”

4.Kora Jazz Trio: “Chan Chan”

5.Heather Rigdon: “Young and Naïve”

6.Kad: “J’aime Mon Lit”

7.Sherele: “Polka Dot Blues”

8.Kataraina Pipi: “Te Reo o Papatuanuku”

9. Kélétigui Diabaté with Habib Koité & Bamada: “Summertime at Bamako”

10. Billy Cobham and Asere: “Destinos”

11.Hugh Masekela with Malaika: “Open the Door”