Previously Unreleased Mark Murphy Album Due in November

Vocalist cut the tracks in 1996

Shadows, a collection of tracks recorded by vocalist Mark Murphy in 1996 and never before released will see the light of day on Nov. 11, due from TCB, the Montreux Jazz Label.

According to an email from the label, the new release was recorded while Murphy was living and teaching in Europe. Liner notes are by Murphy’s very close friend, fellow vocalist Sheila Jordan.

The personnel is as follows:

Mark Murphy, vocal

Karlheinz Miklin, saxes, flute

Fritz Pauer, piano

Ewald Oberleitner, double bass

Dusan Novakov, drums

Track listing:

1. Dawn (Murphy/Miklin) 5:58

2. If I should Lose You (Robin/Raigner) 8:40

3. Empty Room (Murphy/Pauer) 7:11

4. Next Page (Murphy/Miklin) 6:22

5. Lilac Wine (Shelton) 7:38

6. Hodnik (Murphy/Miklin/Pauer) 8:26

7. Shadows (Murphy/Pauer) 5:18

8. Humanity Ltd (Murphy) 10:34