Paul Winter Sextet Music from Early ’60s to Be Released

Set includes performance at the White House

Paul Winter Sextet at the White House, November 1962 image 0

Paul Winter Sextet at the White House, November 1962

A two-disc collection titled Count Me In 1962-1963, by the Paul Winter Sextet, will be released by Living Music Nov. 6. The release includes 14 previously unreleased tracks and the group’s Nov. 19, 1962 concert at the Kennedy White House, reportedly the first jazz concert held within the building. The other tracks on the set come from performances in Latin America and at Columbia Studios in 1961-1962. The set is produced by Paul Winter and Dixon Van Winkle.

Track listing


1. A Bun Dance 3:37 (Norman Simmons)

2. Papa Zimbi 4:26 (Warren Bernhardt)

3. Casa Camara 4:58 (Richard Evans)

4. Them Nasty Hurtin’ Blues 3:25 (Richard Evans)

5. Voce e Eu (Only You and I) 2:51 (Vinicius de Moraes, Carlos Lyra)

6. Insensatez (Foolish One) 3:40 (Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim)

7. Mystery Blues 3:55

8. Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) 3:03 (Vinicius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim)

9. Routeousness 4:50 (Les Rout)

10. Count Me In 2:26 Richard Evans)

11. Bells and Horns 4:45 (Milt Jackson)

12. Saudade de Bahia (Longing for Bahia) 4:26 (Dorival Caymmi)

13. Casa Camara 5:07 (Richard Evans)

14. Pony Express 3:20 (Warren Bernhardt)

15. Maria Ninguem (Maria Nobody) 2:57 (Carlos Lyra)

16. Toccata (from Suite Gillespiana) 4:45 (Lalo Schifrin)

17. Count Me In 3:01 (Richard Evans)


1. Cupbearers 3:32 (Tom McIntosh – Kayak Music, Inc. BMI)

2. Ally 6:48 (Tom McIntosh – Kayak Music, Inc. BMI)

3. The Sheriff 4:44 (Gil Melle – Cyclades Music, BMI)

4. With Malice Toward None 5:22 (Tom McIntosh – Kayak Music, Inc. BMI)

5. All Members 6:50 (Jimmy Heath)

6. Marilia 5:27 (Warren Benhardt – Blackwood Music, Inc. BMI)

7. Suite Port au Prince

A. Invocation to Dambala

B. Prayer

C. Papa Zimbi 10:00 (Warren Bernhardt)

8. New York 19 5:15 (John Lewis)

9. Quem Quizer Encantror O Amor

(He who wants to find love has to cry) 3:47 (Carlos Lyra)

10. The Thumper 5:28 (Jimmy Heath)

11. Count Me In 2:44 (Richard Evans)

12. Repeat 3:21 (Denny Zeitlin – Ludlow Music, Inc. BMI)

13. Lass from the Low Countrie 3:44 trad. Living Earth Music BMI)

14. Down by the Greenwood Side 5:35 (trad. Living Earth Music, BMI)

15. We Shall Overcome 3:21


Disc I

Paul Winter – alto sax

Dick Whitsell – trumpet

Les Rout – baritone sax

Warren Bernhardt -piano

Richard Evans – bass

Harold Jones – drums

Disc II

Paul Winter – alto & soprano sax

Dick Whitsell – trumpet

Jay Cameron – baritone sax

Warren Bernhardt -piano

Chuck Israels – bass

Ben Riley – drums

Cecil McBee – bass

Freddie Waits -drums on tracks 12, 14 & 15

Jeremy Steig – flute

Gene Bertoncini- guitar on track 13

For more information and complete liner notes on the tracks in this anthology, go to Paul Winter Sextet.