Ornette Coleman Quietly Releases New Album

“New Vocabulary” features music cut in 2009

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Jimmy Katz

Ornette Coleman

With virtually no publicity, the legendary saxophonist Ornette Coleman released a new album just prior to the new year. New Vocabulary, according to reports on several websites, is by a group of the same name which features, in addition to Coleman on alto saxophone, Jordan McLean on trumpet and electronics and Amir Ziv on drums, with pianist Adam Holzman on some tracks. McLean, Ziv and Holzman also work together in an electronic-jazz trio called Droid. New Vocabulary, produced by McLean and Ziv, is released by the System Dialing label (which Ziv co-owns) and can be purchased here in several formats.

Music journalist Hank Shteamer, of Time Out New York magazine, reported on his blog, Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches, and on Time Out, that the album arrived in his mailbox on LP and CD unsolicited. All of the music, he reports, was recorded in 2009. Coleman, he notes, appears on the entire album.