Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival to Hold Voice Competition

Winner will receive $2,000 prize

The Jazz Academy of Music, producer of the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival (MAJF), will hold its first live vocal competition on February 15 at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival Ronnie Wells Main Stage. Vocalists will compete for the title of Mid-Atlantic Jazz Voice and a $2,000 grand prize. The competition works this way:

• Contestants will enter the competition by uploading recording samples, a video and a picture to the MAJF website along with a $75 entry fee.

• Six finalists will be selected from a panel of judges to compete in the live competition.

• A panel of 3 judges and the audience will determine the grand prize winner and 2nd and 3rd place finalist.

• The judges vote, referred to as the “technical vote” will count 75% toward the final score of the contestants and the audience vote, referred to as the “popular vote” will count 25% toward the final score of the contestants.

• The contests with the highest combined score will be the winner of the competition.

For information on the competition, visit MidAtlanticJazzFestival.org.