Made in New York Jazz Competition Debuts

Winners to be chosen by Joe Lovano, Randy Brecker and Lenny White

Lenny White
Joe Lovano
Randy Brecker

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Joe Lovano, Randy Brecker and Lenny White are the judges in the inaugural Made in New York Jazz Competition, which hopes to expose unknown artists. Since launching in January, the Made in New York Jazz Competition website has garnered more than 12,000 registered users, as well as more than 250 registered artists from 35 countries.

According to a press release, “There have been many jazz contests held through the years, but the one created by the Made In New York Jazz Competition is unique. Mikhael Brovkin, the founder of the competition, explains. ‘There are many great international jazz talents who we may never know of because of their lack of access to the world jazz stage, but the Internet has changed all that. It wouldn’t be possible 3-4 years ago. The technology today is amazing. Social media revolutionized many industries and it is time for jazz now!’

The Made In New York Jazz Competition, the press release further states, “aims to … level the playing field. By being conducted entirely on the Internet, artists from every country have an opportunity to participate and possibly be discovered and win. Because the Internet brings people together and makes the world a much smaller place, the contest will shatter geographical barriers. All that will matter will be the artist’s musical talents and creativity. The winner could come from small T\town in Siberia, South Africa or Seattle. Everyone will have an equal chance.”

First prize in the competition will be $3,000 or more. The amount grows as more people register with the site.In addition, the contest winner will be flown to New York City on all-expenses paid trip to be a headline performer at the Made In New York Jazz Festival in 2014. The winner will be announced in late November. October 15 is the deadline to submit the application.

In order to enter, contestants choose a category among these seven: solo instrumental, solo vocal, small band, big band, composer, arrangement and digital. The musician submits a video through the Internet that demonstrates his or her skills. After receiving approval from the competition committee, they pay a $75 fee per submission category. Their video appears in the category on the Internet along with detailed information provided by the contestant.

Lovano, Brecker and White will pick the finalist in each of the seven categories. An eighth finalist is the artist who receives the most online votes from the public. Then the judges and the competition committee pick the winner who.

More information about the historic Made In New York Jazz Competition and entry forms can be found at Made in NY Jazz.