‘John Coltrane—The Impulse! Albums Vol. 4’ Released

Five posthumously issued Trane albums now collected in one set

Verve/Hip-O Select has released The John Coltrane Impulse! Albums Volume 4. Available now at Hip-O Select, and Sept. 16 at retail, the set collects the first five of the various albums that were released following Coltrane’s 1967 death, each in their original configuration: Expression, Live at the Village Vanguard Again!, Om, Cosmic Music (with Alice Coltrane) and Selflessness featuring My Favorite Things.

The slip-cased collection contains the five albums on CD in individual jewel boxes, with each offering a reproduction of the original artwork. Each album has also been remastered for the first time in more than 15 years. The collection follows the previous three volumes of Coltrane albums released on Impulse! Records label in his lifetime. A fifth volume will be released later this year.

Track listing


1. Ogunde 3.36

2. To Be 16.20

3. Offering 8.25

4. Expression 10.50

Live At The Village Vanguard Again!

1. Naima 15.08

2. Introduction To My Favorite Things 6.07

3. My Favorite Things 20.21


1. Om 28.49

Cosmic Music (with Alice Coltrane)

1. Manifestation 11.44

2. Lord, Help Me To Be 7.29

3. Reverend King 10:45

4. The Sun 4.01

Selflessness Featuring My Favorite Things

1. My Favorite Things 17.34

2. I Want To Talk About You 8.19

3. Selflessne