JJA Applies for Grant, Seeks Supportive Comments

Jazz fans are encouraged to explain why “jazz lives” and how organization is beneficial

The Jazz Journalists Association JJA has applied for a Knight News Challenge Grant. According to a post on the organization’s web page, the grant would “expand and strengthen the network that ties together jazz creators, presenters and media makers in local communities throughout the U.S. and perhaps abroad.”

The JJA page continues: “A continuation of the direction the JJA has taken with many of its projects in the past decade, the ‘Jazz Lives Network’ is intended to work toward improving the position of JJA members and media colleagues in their local communities. Endorsements of the JJA’s initiative by individuals could help us get this grant.”

The JJA is asking readers to go to this link and post a comment explaining why an online network using new media to report on jazz “is important to show that ‘jazz lives in your community and locales like yours.” The organization further urges jazz fans to comment “on how you’ve participated and/or benefited from a JJA project such as the eyeJAZZ news video initiative, APAP and CMA conference workshops, our online webinars, meetings at the New School, the annual Jazz Awards and the Jazz Awards satellite parties, panels at IAJE, miscellaneous events and festivals, mentoring efforts, or even contributing to JJANews.”