JazzTimes Goes Digital

JazzTimes is now available in a digital edition, according to Joan Lynch, Director of Madavor Media, JT’s parent company. “When Madavor Media acquired JazzTimes this summer, the new publisher promised to provide a greater level of service and offerings for our readers and fans,” says Lynch. “This digital edition makes good on that promise.”

JazzTimes will continue to print ten issues per year, according to its longstanding schedule. And subscribers to the print magazine get the digital edition for free. However, Lynch says that readers can also pay for just the digital edition alone, which is available for $20 a year. Lynch points out that the digital edition should be particularly attractive to readers outside the U.S., who can save on postage and delivery costs. “Regardless of whether you live in the US, Canada, or overseas, this digital edition is the most cost-effective way to enjoy everything JazzTimes has to offer,” says Lynch. “We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone, anywhere to enjoy the in-depth articles, insightful profiles, and music reviews that are the hallmark of JazzTimes.”

And, of course, there’s the green thing, which is becoming more important to us all every day. And it doesn’t require a degree in computer science to use. “The digital edition is searchable, environmentally friendly, can be shared with family and friends, and has hot links to all URLs in the articles and the ads,” says Lynch.

See a sample here. To subscribe, click here.