Jazzahead! 2012 to Focus on Spanish and German Artists

Festival brings together musicians from all over the world

This April 19-22, Bremen, Germany, will host the seventh annual jazzahead! festival. This year’s international trade show and gathering of talented musicians, jazz enthusiasts and industry professionals kicks off with a Spanish jazz night, honoring musicians from the festival’s 2012 partner country, including Dead Capo, Filthy Habits Ensemble and the Jose Luis Gutierrez Quartet. The second night, the focus will shift to local German musicians. Celine Rudolph, Trio 120 and Omar Klein will all perform. Also included in the festival is a night featuring local young artists and a club night where concerts are held in venues all across the city, beginning in the early evening and flowing late into the night.

In addition to more than 70 concerts, jazzahead! plays hosts to various conferences, seminars and meetings to allow the international community an opportunity to make new connections. In addition, there will be book readings, comedy shows and dance performance. More information and full performance listings can be found at .