Jazz Photo Exhibit Opens Today in NYC

Portraits by Lourdes Delgado Document Jazz Life in the 2000s

Christian McBride by Lourdes Delgado
Dewey Redman by Lourdes Delgado
Ingrid Jensen by Lourdes Delgado
Mark Turner by Lourdes Delgado

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Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions: An Exhibition by Photographer Lourdes Delgado opens today at the Instituto Cervantes, 211 East 49 Street in New York City (212-308-7720). The project, which will remain on view until July 29, documents how the jazz community lived in New York City between 2000 and 2007. As an alternative to the bandstand or studio photography, Lourdes Delgado’s images show musicians and a few members of the jazz industry in their homes, more as citizens than as artists. With more than 450 portraits of different ages, genders, backgrounds, nationalities, instruments, and musical tendencies, her intention was to create a social, economic, and cultural study and to break with the iconographic stereotypes of the ’50s.

Delgado used a 4×5″ large format camera in order to capture in great detail the artists’ lives and rooms. At the same time that she was documenting the jazz community, she was making a visual record of some apartments of New York City, and the objects that certain group of its society live with.

Jazz In New York: A Community of Visions has been exhibited in several venues around the country, including the Sheldon Museum in St. Louis and the Center of Documentary Studies at Duke University.

For a short video, visit Photography Channel and click on Jazz In New York: A Community of Visions.