Jazz Journalists Association to Present Online Blogging Events

Webinars are free

The Jazz Journalists Association will present its fourth free webinar, “Blogging: Tales from Veterans,” featuring Marc Myers (Jazz Wax), Willard Jenkins (The Independent Ear) and Pamela Espeland (beboppified) on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 8 p.m. Eastern Time, as part of an informative and instructional series that includes four hands-on workshops conducted by J.A. Kawell, Ozmotic Media and JJA webadmin. Details and pre-registration are available through this link.

The second free webinar on blogging, “Blogging: Tales from New Voices,” will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 13. The hands-on workshops will be held Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Nov. 20 and December 4. Further information is also available from Howard Mandel via email: [email protected]