Jazz Blogrolling

Round-up of the week's most interesting jazz blogs

A round-up of the most interesting jazz-related blogs this week, in alphabetical order, because that’s the egalitarian thing to do.

Andrea Canter on local jazz happenings in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Don Heckman interviews singer Ella Leya.

Peter Hum reflects on the recent Grammy award nominations.

Patrick Jarenwattananon also reflects on the Grammy award nominations.

Willard Jenkins interviews guitarist Pascal (Bokar) Thiam.

Fred Kaplan reviews Andrew Hill’s Point of Departure on 45″ vinyl.

Matt Kassel interviews guitarist Gilad Hekselman and drummer Ari Hoenig.

Chris Kelsey on Robin D.G. Kelley’s Thelonious Monk biography.

Art Lange muses about The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra.

Jim Macnie discusses Jim Hall.

Dean Minderman on Zappa on Zappa.

Marc Myers on why people love (or don’t love) jazz.

Doug Ramsey on the new documentary about Dave Brubeck.

Chris Rich on Forbes Graham.

Bill Shoemaker talks with Joel Forrester and Phillip Johnston, co-leaders of the Microscopic Septet.

Jacob Teichroew reviews Dan Tepfer’s album Five Pedals Deep.

Neil Tesser profiles Chicago-based jazz-gospel group Come Sunday.

Because we focused on jazz-related blogs that were new this week, we omitted many worthy writers and sites. Nonetheless, if there are any jazz blogs that you want to be sure that we monitor, please let us know by commenting below.