Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Awards $5.775 Million to 21 Artists

Several jazz artists among the recipients

Don Byron
Bill Frisell
Nicole Mitchell

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The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) has announced 21 recipients of cash grants, several of which will be given to notable jazz artists. The funds, $225, 000 to each artist (totaling $5.775 million), can be used for any purpose by the recipients. According to a press release, DDCF is “granting these awards as part of a $50 million, 10-year commitment over and above its existing funding for the performing arts.” The awards are named after Duke (1912-1993), a prominent philanthropist and supporter of the arts.

The 2012 inaugural award recipients are:

· Anne Bogart, theatre (New York, NY)

· Don Byron, jazz (New York, NY)

· Wally Cardona, dance (Brooklyn, NY)

· Rinde Eckert, multidisciplinary performance (Upper Nyack, NY)

· Bill Frisell, jazz (Seattle, WA)

· Deborah Hay, dance (Austin, TX)

· John Hollenbeck, jazz (Binghamton, NY)

· Vijay Iyer, jazz (New York, NY)

· Marc Bamuthi Joseph, multidisciplinary performance (Oakland, CA)

· Elizabeth LeCompte, theatre (New York, NY)

· Young Jean Lee, theatre (Brooklyn, NY)

· Ralph Lemon, dance (New York, NY)

· Richard Maxwell, theatre (Brooklyn, NY)

· Sarah Michelson, dance (Brooklyn, NY)

· Bebe Miller, dance (New York, NY and Columbus, OH)

· Nicole Mitchell, jazz (Long Beach, CA and Chicago, IL)

· Meredith Monk, multidisciplinary performance (New York, NY)

· Eiko Otake, dance (New York, NY)

· Takashi Koma Otake, dance (New York, NY)

· Basil Twist, theatre (New York, NY)

· Reggie Wilson, dance (Brooklyn, NY)

More information about the Doris Duke Performing Artist Awards is available at .