Dental Clinic Offered to New York City-area Musicians

MusiCares sponsoring a dental clinic for music professionals on January 14

Health care is a concern for just about everybody these days, but for musicians who rarely have one steady employer, coverage is often very expensive and difficult to obtain. And the idea of having a comprehensive medical plan that would include dental coverage is well nigh unthinkable. That’s why this news story is good news, at least for NYC-based musicians. MusiCares (an outreach component of NARAS, the Grammy organization) has teamed up with the musicians union AFM Local 802 and Smile New York to offer a dental clinic on Thursday, January 14 from 9:30am until 4:00pm.

Services offered at the clinic will include a dental exam, simple cleaning and bitewing x-rays. (No, I don’t know what bitewing x-rays are either, but I am sure they are important.) These services will be provided free of charge to pre-screened, pre-approved music professionals with limited income upon establishing eligibility.

For horn players particularly, dental care is essential. There are numerous dentists who specialize in caring for musicians and their needs, as I wrote about in a Tangents column in the April 2003 issue of JT.

A few caveats. First, in order to be eligible, you must have a minimum of five years documented career history or credit on at least six recorded tracks/videos. Second, space is limited, so you’ll need to call ahead and pre-register.

For more information, contact MusiCares toll-free at 877.303.6962 or via e-mail to [email protected]