ANIMATION’s Final Album, “Machine Language,” to Be Released Sept. 25th

Group was founded by late Bob Belden; Kurt Elling and Bill Laswell guest

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Alan Nahigian

Bob Belden

Machine Language, the final recording by ANIMATION, the group founded and led by the late composer and musician Bob Belden, will be released Sept. 25 on Rare Noise Records in multiple formats. The group for this session features Belden on saxophone and flute, Peter Clagett on trumpet, Roberto Verastegui on keyboards, Bill Laswell on electric bass, Matt Young on drums and Kurt Elling guesting as narrator.

The album was recorded over three days in the autumn 2014 at Laswell’s Orange Studios in New Jersey, mixed by James Dellatacoma and mastered by Mike Fossenkemper. Belden died on May 20th this year.


1. A Child’s Dream

2. Machine Language

3. Eternality

4. Consistent Imperfection

5. Soul Of A Machine

6. Genesis Code

7. Evolved Virtual Entity

8. DisappearAnnihilation

9. The Evolution Of Machine Culture

10. Dark Matter

11. TechnoMelancolia

12. A Machine’s Dream