15th Django Reinhardt NY Festival Set for Aug. 5-10

Special guests to include Anat Cohen, Joel Frahm, Jane Monheit

Joel Frahm
Dorado Schmitt, Samson Schmitt and Anat Cohen in performance at the Django Reinhardt Festival in NYC

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The 15th annual Django Reinhardt NY Festival will take place Aug. 5-10 at Birdland in New York City. This year’s Allstars will be headed by guitarist Samson Schmitt. Also featured will be violinist Pierre Blanchard and Ludovic Beier on accordion and Accordina. On rhythm guitar this summer is DouDou Cuillerier and on piano Peter Beets, Other featured musicians are guitarist Olli Soikkelii and bassist Brian Torff. Each night will feature a special guest:

Aug. 5: Joel Frahm,

Aug. 6 & 7: Anat Cohen

Aug. 8: Jane Monheit

Aug. 9: Edmar Castaneda

Aug.10: Chris Washburne