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Kenny Clarke: Bohemia After Dark

1. Kenny Clarke: “Bohemia After Dark” (Bohemia After Dark; Savoy, 2003 [originally recorded June 28, 1955])

Adderley’s first-ever recording session proved so good that it was later reissued under his own name. It was groundbreaking drummer Clarke’s session, but Cannon and his cornet-playing brother Nat (present on much of his brother’s best work) dominate. The music burns well before Cannon starts soloing a third of the way in, but that solo: One couldn’t force more bebop and blues breaks (drawing on both Parker and Johnny Hodges in equal measure) into it if one tried. Moreover, Adderley digs deep into the song, constantly finding new ways to shape and season it across his two flaming-hot choruses. We often talk about major new talents announcing themselves on record, but rarely does one announce itself with such style.