60 Jazz Tracks, Albums, and More to Check Out on Amazon Prime Day

The online retailer's massive summer sale starts July 15—here are some of our favorite picks, curated from previous JazzTimes 10s

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8. Brad Mehldau: Songs: The Art of the Trio Volume Three (Warner Bros., 1998)
Mehldau, bassist Larry Grenadier, and drummer Jorge Rossy made up what is indisputably one of the best piano trios of the past 25 years—perhaps the best, though you can also make a similar argument for Mehldau’s current trio with drummer Jeff Ballard. Of the seven-and-change albums they made together, this one gets the nod because of its bold (at the time) inclusion of two songs from the modern rock era: Nick Drake’s “River Man” and Radiohead’s “Exit Music (for a Film).” Mehldau and crew interpret both with unfailing brilliance, somehow managing to sound both deeply introspective and almost casually grand at the same time.

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