60 Jazz Tracks, Albums, and More to Check Out on Amazon Prime Day

The online retailer's massive summer sale starts July 15—here are some of our favorite picks, curated from previous JazzTimes 10s

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48. Curtis Stigers & Cyrille Aimée: “You Make Me Feel So Young”
From Stigers’ Hooray for Love (Concord, 2014)

Cyrille Aimée was barely out of her teens, Stigers approaching his 50th birthday, the makings of an ideal duo for this April-September reimagining of “You Make Me Feel So Young.” The tempo is laid-back, the mood charged with amorous anticipation. Stigers is the worldly Humbert Humbert, classily predatory, to Aimée’s insouciant, though not entirely innocent, Lolita. Curtis steers the melody, gravel-voiced yet Dean Martin smooth. Aimée flits in and out, perkily invigorating the storyline with her Gallic charm, peppered with worldly-wise chuckles. The denouement is priceless: Stigers wolfishly calling her très jeune, she coquettishly responding, “Oui, oui, monsieur.”

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