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Sinan Alimanović International Band

From the album Lejla
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Sinan Alimanović is multi-award winning pianist, organist, composer, arranger, conductor, educator, bandleader and Bosnian Jazz Ambasador based in Sarajevo. Jazz critics describe him as: “one of the main European pianistic figures especially by his unique approach to American jazz and it’s interpretation and perception in Europe.” (Dinko Husadžić Sansky)

Alimanović collaborated with European and American musicians, such as: Randy Brecker, Harvie S, Duško Gojković, Erich Kleinschuster, Alex Blake, Victor Lewis, Barbara Hendricks, Gianni Basso, Aladár Pege, Vaclav Zahradnik, Lee Harper, Csaba Deseo, Jim Mullen, Robert Balzar, Jože Privšek, Miljenko Prohaska, Tony Lakatos, Tony Fisher, Ladislav Fidri, Stjepko Gut, Petar Ugrin, Bobby Sanabria and many others.

Sinan Alimanović was member of the Big Bands of the RTV Priština and RTV Sarajevo (later RTV BiH) as the pianist, arranger, composer and conductor. Twice he was a member of the EBU/UER Public Jazz Orchestra (1986 – Opatija and 1990 – St. Gerold) as the only representative of the former Yugoslavia. While working in the Big Band of RTV BiH, he also led small ensembles. In 80’s Alimanović opened the first Jazz Club in Sarajevo, named The Jazz Club of the International Friendship. Four times he was conductor and arranger at the Eurovision Song Contest. He is one of the founders of the Sarajevo Big Band. He collaborated with rock bands such as Indexi.

In 2013 Sinan Alimanović’s composition “Lejla” has been selected in TOP 5 world’s jazz compositions by Made in New York Jazz Composition and jury members: Randy Brecker, Joe Lovano and Lenny White.

As the professor, Sinan Alimanović educated the first generations of jazz students in the history of the Sarajevo Music Academy. In 2018 the Academy released the album “The First Jazz Concert of the Sarajevo Music Academy Students”, held under the mentorship of Alimanović.

Sinan Alimanović International Band has been active in various forms since early eighties. With his International Band, Alimanović performed over the Europe, USA and China. As the Bosnian Jazz Ambassador in 2015 Sinan Alimanović was invited to perform at the 2nd Annual Jazz Gala Concert held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NY. The documentary film “Sinan Alimanović Jazz Musician” was produced by national TV (RTV BiH) in three series.

Sinan Alimanović is a world class musician. He is a great composer, pianist and arranger. He has great technical knowledge but he plays from the heart.” – Harvie S 

In September, 2020 label Miles High Records (NY), released the album “Lejla” by Sinan Alimanović International Band. The album “Lejla” has been recorded at the Trading 8s Recording Studio owned by Chris Sulit.


Sinan Alimanović – piano, bandleader

Harvie S – double bass, producer

Victor Lewis – drums

Lejla Alimanović – vocals

Jed Levy – tenor saxophone

Adam Klemm – soprano saxophone 

Elegance and measure that can be heard in every carefully composed, congruently played and sung tone, sets this album apart from the most of the contemporary jazz production and gives it a permanent value. In short – this is the music – a favorite of all of the muses.” – Rambo Amadeus

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