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With 14 recordings under her belt Roseanna Vitro is re-releasing “Listen Here,” her first recording, originally out on vinyl only. Now it’s available for downloads and on CD. Featuring Kenny Barron, Buster Williams, Ben Riley and Texas Tenor Arnett Cobb, it launched her stellar career with a great trajectory. High points include collaborations with Fred Hersch, Kenny Werner, and Mark Soskin, arranger/pianist on “The Music of Randy Newman,” which garnered a Grammy Nomination.

“The good news is that Roseanna Vitro can sing rings around half the vocalists you can name. Her warm, confident clarity of tone is immediately noticeable, but the most startling is the boldness of her phrasing. Vitro’s rhythmic assurance lets her subvert a melody in delightful ways, adding unexpected accents or creating tension. On “You Go to My Head,” she lags more than a beat behind her accompaniment, a trick as intoxicating as the song’s lyrics. With superb New York sidemen and a raft of standards, this debut album is not to be missed.” — Neil Tesser, USA Today 1985

“Strong, sure vocalist belies her own vintage with a straight-ahead debut that spans the pre-rock decades in its material.” — Billboard, 1985

“This lady can sing. To get a quick idea of her talent, listen twice to Black Coffee. Her singing here is earthy, bluesy and just plain ma-a-a-arvelous.” — Nick Scarmack, The Valley Entertainer 1985


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