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Joan Belgrave

From the album Oooo Boy
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Grammy considered jazz artist Joan Belgrave, whose energy as a performer has captivated wide ranges of audiences, moves her way through this project with a healing grace, a vulnerable joy, and an emotional power that comes through for listeners. On this project, along with the work of producer Sanchez Harley, Belgrave delivers engrossing tracks to touch the full breadth of the soul. Written as an airy, R&B single to speak to the enthralling power of instantaneous attraction, “Oooo Boy” brings the listener into this project by using Belgrave’s supreme vocal skillset and pairing it with swinging musicality. With the music video filmed in the historic Berry Gordy Detroit mansion, “Oooo Boy” is sure to provide audiences with a vibrant and soulful experience, R&B with a touch of jazz. Belgrave then moves listeners through the journey of romanticism by offering “Dreaming of You.” She delivers this track from inside the heart of anyone who has ever yearned for the love of another and affords listeners the position to travel weightlessly alongside her effortless vocals. Transcendently, Belgrave closes the project with the heartfelt “I’m Not Going Anywhere.” Serving as the most spiritual track on the project, “I’m Not Going Anywhere” reminds us that the impact we have on those we love is the most uplifting and powerful legacy we can give. As a project, “Oooo Boy” takes listeners on a soulful journey that is sure to bring them back to these tracks time and time again. New flavor with that old school soul.

Oooo Boy/ Dreaming of You I’m Not Going Anywhere

Produced/Arranged: Sanches Harley 

Vocals: Joan Belgrave

Lyrics & Music by – Joan Belgrave Lyrics by Joan Belgrave & Sanchez Harley Music by Joan Belgrave

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