Elizabeth Tomboulian

From the album Love’s in Need of Love Today
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After decades of performing—from her early forays as a blues/folk singer-songwriter in her native Arkansas and Houston to her deep dive into the music of Brazil and Uruguay to her various excursions into jazz as both pianist and vocalist—Elizabeth Tomboulian has finally stepped forward with her debut as a leader. A wide-ranging collection of tunes reflecting her eclectic tastes in music, Love’s in Need of Love Today represents Tomboulian’s bluesy roots, her love of bossa nova and jazz along with her enduring belief in the power of music to heal.
A rapturous solo reading of the jazz standard “I Get Along Without You Very Well” features her penchant for reharmonization as a pianist while showcasing her flawless intonation, clear articulation, natural vibrato and warm, soaring vocal delivery.
The closer adeptly merges Buffalo Springfield’s anthemic “For What It’s Worth” with Joe Zawinul’s 1966 classic for the Cannonball Adderley quintet, “Mercy Mercy Mercy.” Says Elizabeth, “It was really fun to put those two together. And The lyric I wrote to ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’ kind of crowns the album: ‘We can make a way for every soul to live in peace/hungry children got to eat/everybody’s got to be free/and there is no fear in this whole sphere that love cannot defeat.’ That’s really my purpose for the whole album—to sing and proclaim that love wins.” That kind of affirming statement is one that Elizabeth felt an urgency to make at this point in her career. Her message on Love’s In Need Of Love Today is just what the doctor ordered.” — Bill Milkowski

Elizabeth is both modern and relevant at the same time. She’s covering and performing music and songs of her generation with a new and fresh twist. Jazz vocal outside the box. You won’t be disappointed. ~ Brian Pace, The Pace Report

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