Video Feature: Jakob Bro

Footage of Konitz, Frisell and Taborn at NYC's Avatar Studios

The Danish guitarist and composer Jakob Bro, whom JT readers might recognize via his work with trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, has released a trio of thematic leader recordings notable for their dreamy, melodious ambience and heavy-duty personnel-very heavy: 2009’s Balladeering features Bro with Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, Bill Frisell and Ben Street; the second installment, Time, again featured Konitz and Frisell, in addition to bassist Thomas Morgan.

Bro’s latest, December Song (Loveland), adds pianist Craig Taborn to the lineup on Time. JT is pleased to present this short film of the recording of album track “Vinterhymne.” The film, which includes sage commentary from Konitz, was shot by Sune Blicher at Avatar Studios in New York in late 2012.

To listen to samples of the album and purchase, go here.