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Mandy Harvey

Vocalist Mandy Harvey’s singing has been described as “witness[ing] the impossible.”

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio twenty-one years ago, Mandy began her music passion as a four-year old girl.

Hearing issues followed Mandy from birth and led to several surgeries. Relocated to Colorado as a young girl, she joined several school choirs and began singing lessons. Mandy participated in Longmont High School’s Women’s Choir, Bel Canto (Auditioned womens group), and Chamber Singers (Auditioned mixed group). She sang 1st soprano, 2nd soprano, and 2nd alto. Choir director Adam Cave awarded Mandy Top Female Vocalist of 2006 just before graduation. Mandy’s name is still on a plaque in the choir room.

In Summer of 2006, Mandy applied to Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado. Recognizing her potential, both programs quickly accepted her. Mandy enrolled in Colorado State and majored in Vocal Music Education, seeking to become a college instructor. Just after starting classes,

Mandy noticed she couldn’t hear recordings. Six months later, all her residual hearing disappeared.

Mandy left Colorado State and began to pursue an interest in Elementary Education. A chance encounter with former high school and college voice teacher Cynthia Vaughn led Mandy to revive her music passion. Cynthia introduced Mandy to pianist Mark Sloniker at Jay’s Bistro in Fort Collins. Ms. Harvey has

been a fixture at the Bistro for more than a year.

Her confidence restored, Mandy set out to create her first CD in early-mid 2009. Sloniker helped recruit talents Erik Applegate (bass), Mark Raynes (drums), and Andrew Vogt (sax). The team recorded all 16 songs in two sessions of eight hours at Perspective Audio Visual Studio with Anthony Walker.

Mandy’s debut CD, Smile, showcases her incredible vocal talent. The instrumentation is tight and crisp.

The songs are classic and timeless. The vocals are rich and captivating. And you know why a simple CD can comfort, entertain and inspire. It just makes you smile.

Mandy performs with artists Mark Sloniker, Gene Libbea of the Nashville Bluegrass Band, Andrew Vogt, Mark Raynes, Erik Applegate, Roger Barnhart, Peter Sommer, Forest Greenough, and Mike Davis.

She plans a second CD before December 2010.