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Enrico Quaranta

Enrico Quaranta enterprising drummer of Neapolitan music scene began his artistic collaborating with: Enzo Avitabile, Loredana Bertè, James Senese,Enzo Gragnaniello, Audio 2, Nello Daniele and other.

DISCOGRAPHY: 1997 “Entering the trance” – Soul River

1999 Comes from one of his projects EtnoJazz “Etnima.”

1989/92 enters into the band of Enzo Avitabile (training 2 batteries), where he had the opportunity to further expand his musical horizons to genres such as: Afromusic, Funkymusic and soulmusic, participating in numerous concerts and festivals and live events throughout Italy.

In the same period works hard to Enzo Avitabile “Stella dissidente.”

1990 Tour to ‘Foreign Enzo Avitabile, performing in the amphitheater of Carthage in Tunisia reaching a resounding success.

1994/97 became part of the band of Loredana Bertè with Luca Rustici, Gae Diodato and Pino Ciccarelli, having the opportunity to further develop musical horizons in the world of Pop-Rock Live at the various collaborating as the “Tour Bertex” and many others in Italy and abroad, often with television coverage as per the Live 1994 in Bellinzona held for the Italian-Swiss television with the participation of Aida Cooper, meanwhile he also performed in other live events with their own band the “Soul River”

1998/2000 has worked to live the “Tawa” a Band Argentina.

2000 to 2003 he played with James Senese and in 2004 he collaborated with James Senese and Enzo Gragnaniello in the “Tribù and Passione” performing at various live. Collaborate with Senese two-disc “Sabato Santo” in 2000 and “Passpartù” in 2002.

In 2005 he participated in a live musical with Enzo Gragnaniello, Audio 2 and Nello Daniele broadcast by Italian Radio and conducted by Daniele Battaglia.

Your projects live: Born in 2005, “Hush group” in Enrico 40 project baptize to the Mediterranean theater, exhibition in Naples, continuing with live shows throughout the country with Vittorio Remino (Bass), Lino Pariota (Keyboards) Antonio Prisco (Guitar) – special Guest Tony Esposito.

2005 The Clinic performs at the “Open Day held at “La Cicala” musical instruments.

In 2010 arrives in a new project “NujeJazz40” Miles Davis Tribute baptized in the theater of Naples Bolivar, kicking off a series of live events with Ettore Gatta (Keyboards), Adriano Guarino (Electric Guitar), Umberto Muselli (Tenor Sax) Carlo Sparano (Bass), Laye Ba (Vocalist), Ermanno Romano (Acoustic Guitar) – Special Guest Joe Amoruso.

Clinic: 2011 “UFIP day 2011 Master class” to “Buzzer musical instruments” and others, also Enrico Quaranta since 1995 ENDORSER FOR UFIP.

Enrico Quaranta in 2012 he moved to New York for a period in search of new musical ideas attended and performed in several rooms of the Big Apple as the “SMOKE” a jazz club playing with other musicians jazz acquires a new way of making music, expanding its musical horizons to a free style and patterns without joining it to its unusual and distinctive drumming.

Returning to Italy, came to the idea to get involved with a new musical adventure consists of new music with the collaboration of talented musicians, known at the international level in the music scene.

In 2013 he performed in various live in well-known local and Jazz Club in “New JazzTrio” with Aldo Farias (Guitar) and Angelo Farias (bass) and lately “40JazzQuartet” a new project born from his training with Umberto Muselli (tenor sax), Andrea Rea (piano) and Francesco Maiorino (bass).

In 2014 we ventured into a new project in collaboration with the famous Neapolitan artist Joe Amoruso in “Enrico 40 Jazz Project Feat Joe Amoruso” training is so ‘made by Enrico Quaranta (Drum) – Joe Amoruso (Piano) – Diego Imparato (Low ) and two well-known and talented saxophonists who alternate their training Sandro Deidda (sax) and Jerry Popolo (Sax) performing at well-known jazz club, the marriage of Henry and Joe is joined by a strong passion for jazz, playing the tune of the famous standard creating a energy cosmic sound waves.

In the meantime continues and carries out the project in collaboration with one of the most ‘great trumpet players of the contemporary New York scene Jeremy Pelt with whom he recorded the unpublished, initiating a series of live starting right from Naples “Jeremy Pelt & Enrico 40 Band” Enrico Quaranta (Drum) – Jeremy Pelt (Trumpet) – Jerry Popolo (Sax) – Ettore Gatta (Piano) – Francis Maiorino Bass) performing in concert for the” Festival of Traditions that make tourism in the world “at the Teatro Sannazaro.