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Drew Davidsen

Drew grew up in Baltimore, MD. His family says he was always musical and so they invested in serious cello lessons and taking him to live concerts with people like Beverly Sills, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and BB King. When he was in the Navy in Dessert Storm his ship stopped in Israel and he had the opportunity to confirm his baptism in the Jordan River with his Navy chaplain. When he came up out of the water he knew that he was supposed to play guitar. So at the next port, Bahrain, he bought one and borrowed music from all his shipmates to listen and copy. He was soaking himself in all kinds of music. One of the fun things about a conversation with Drew Davidsen is that no matter what musician you mention he will be familiar with them and some of their older music as well. When he began to digest the George Benson album, “Breezin,” he knew for sure that was the sound that would define his future.

In an age of tight radio playlists and shrinking smooth-jazz stations, guitarist Drew Davidsen proves there’s always room for talent at the top. Check out hit tunes, “Spin Cycle,” “We 3 Stringz,” and “Astro.” For good reason, Davidsen has been nominated as Best New Artist by the 2010 American Smooth Jazz Awards, and 2011 Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards.