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Chris McNulty

Acclaimed vocalist-composer

Chris McNulty’s breathtaking Palmetto Records release

“Eternal” exquisitely melds chamber ensemble and jazz quintet

in collaboration with orchestrator Steve Newcomb and arranger John Di Martino. The carefully crafted repertoire put together as an homage to Chris’ son, Sam, features unique treatments of classics such as Where Is Love, What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life, Nature Boy and On A Clear Day. These tunes are re-imagined in new light by McNulty’s deft touch to connect powerfully with the core of each lyric.

“Exquisite….McNulty applies poignant jazz chops to the vocal, while accomplishing the impossible, the expression of her story through song….making listeners rethink the meaning of why we love jazz. Eternal is both easy to love, and profoundly touching”

— 5 stars, All About Jazz NYC, July 2015

“McNulty has put all she has learned over half a lifetime of jazz singing and songwriting into this exquisite chamber jazz CD. A veteran performer on the international jazz scene, she has many gifts as a performer and a direct channel to the emotional core of a lyric. On this CD, McNulty bares her soul, and one doesn’t dare look away.” – 4 1/2 stars, DownBeat, June 2015

” A musical triumph..” – Hot House, NYC, June 2015

McNulty began her career as a 16 year old back in Melbourne, Australia singing in pubs and clubs before heading out on the road where she worked solidly for several years honing her craft and establishing her reputation as vocalist with a magnetic voice and stage presence. At the end of those early road days and by her early 20’s, McNulty had progressed from Rnb/funk/pop/ session singer to full fledged jazz singer. Her work with several of Australia’s finest jazz musicians including pianist Paul Grabowsky, trumpeter James Morrison and guitarist, George Golla helped solidify that direction. By 1980 she’d moved to Sydney to take advantage of a more vibrant jazz scene, to study informally and develop her jazz and musicianship skills further. McNulty made her first trip to NYC in 1985 and after being awarded a small study grant from the Australia Council in 1988 she returned to NYC. McNulty has resided in NYC since that time and has returned to tour in her home country for several decades. McNulty’s emergence on the international jazz scene occurred around 1991 after the release of her first album in the States “Waltz For Debby” which garnered much critical acclaim in the US press. She’s gone on to record 7 albums since then and has been hailed by musicians, peers and critics alike as musician’s singer and a vocalist with a unique and distinct style. Blessed with an exquisite instrument she combines a rich, expressive voice with a deep sense of swing, a natural feel for the blues and an impressive ability to improvise. Her compositions have been hailed as both rich harmonically, melodically and lyrically and well worthy of the company they keep along side the great standards she continues to interpret and explore. Her recordings, compositions and performances have garnered 4 and 5 star reviews in publications including DownBeat, The Irish Times, Jazz Wise, Jazz Journal and JazzTimes, among many others.

Her debut recording in the States, Waltz For Debby (Discovery 1990), received outstanding reviews in several publications and features the official published lyric by Chris of the great Miles Davis classic, “Blue in Green.” In 1994 Chris was selected as one of six New York jazz voices to be featured on Venus recording’s, Big Apple Voices. McNulty has gone on to record several Albums, A Time for Love (Amosaya 1996), I Remember You (Elefant Dreams 2004), Dance Delicioso (Elefant Dreams 2005), Whispers the Heart (Elefant Dreams 2006), The Song That Sings You Here (Challenge Records 2013) and winner of the prestigious Australian Bell Award for Best Australian Jazz Vocal Album ands her most recently released “Eternal” (Palmetto Records 2015), a chamber ensemble collaboration with the gifted orchestrator, Stephen Newcomb. The album also features trio arrangements by pianist-arranger John Di Martino and rhythm section of Di Martino, Ugonna Okegwo, Gregory Hutchinson with featured soloists Matthew Jodrell, Ben Wendel and Paul Bollenback. “Eternal” was conceived and released as an homage to Chris’ late son, Sam (the artist Chap One) who passed away tragically in July 2011.