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Wilton Felder: Let’s Spend Some Time

It’s been more than a quarter-century since Wilton Felder’s landmark jazz-fusion work Inherit the Wind and 12 years since his last solo effort, but the founding member of the Jazz Crusaders still sounds pretty damn good on his sax. The problem is that this mishmash of styles won’t attract many straightahead listeners-too much smooth jazz. And smooth-jazz listeners will probably find themselves put off by its rough edges and emphasis on playing instead of on groove.

Still, we know you’re out there-you stuck-in-the-’70s, funk-loving, sax-adoring listener, you. You’ll dig the ’80s drum sounds of the title track, the clean funk of “Smoke House” and the quiet, smoky-jazz-club vibe of “I Remember Chet Baker.” Still, you’re probably not sure to do with “As Long as I’m With You,” a slice of modern urban adult contemporary with soulful vocals. “Information” will no doubt be closer to your heart with its disco backbeat and counterculture rap (“Information controls the nation”).

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