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Vital Tech Tones: VTT2

Vital Tech Tones’ VTT2 (Tone Center TC40082; 56:33) is pure, shameless, high-volume fun. With Scott Henderson and Victor Wooten (Vital Information, Tribal Tech, the Flecktones-get it?) joining the trio party, it’s like listening to your old college physics professors over dinner: plenty of big words, rarefied speech patterns and precious little you can fully digest without a scorecard (or a textbook). Smith tones down his bop side, Henderson does the same with his blues-rock side and Wooten’s jaw-dropping lead-bass keeps everyone on their toes (check “Catch Me if You Can”). And while it doesn’t swing as supplely as Vital Information, or the Hamm/Smith/Gambale trio, the high-energy gymnastics never degenerate into meaningless flash-at least not completely.

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