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VH1 Presents Say It Loud!

VH1 takes a break from exploring and explaining the downfalls of celebrity musicians with its upcoming documentary series: Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America. The series will chronicle the origins, evolution and wider impact of black music in five episodes set to premiere on five consecutive nights, from Sun, Oct. 7 to Thur, Oct. 11.

Say It Loud! was the brainchild of Quincy Jones, who wanted to provide the first comprehensive record of a history previously told in discontinuous fragments. Each of the five episodes examines a single theme in the experiences of black musicians, following the theme from the early days of jazz and gospel music to the R&B and hip-hop of today. “Keep on Pushin’,” the first episode, explores black music’s relation to politics and wider social issues. Subsequent episodes examine the record industry’s treatment of black artists, the spiritual issues and styles engaged by black music, the controversies which have surrounded sexuality in black music, and the influence of black musicians on the wider culture’s styles, language and tastes.

Rhino Records, whose parent entertainment company co-produced Say It Loud!, will release a six-CD box set with the same title as a companion to the series. Besides musical performances by artists ranging from Duke Ellington to NWA, the box set will feature recordings of famous black American speakers, thinkers and activists, including W.E.B DuBois, Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King Jr. Rhino will also release Say It Loud! on DVD, with expanded interview footage and other enhancements.

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