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Trumpeter Valery Ponomarev’s arm broken during altercation with airport security

According to liberal blog My Left Wing, about two weeks ago, renowned jazz trumpeter and ’70s-era Jazz Messenger Valery Ponomarev (pictured) had his arm broken by Charles DeGaulle airport security after he refused to relinquish his instrument. The 63-year-old American citizen, who was born in Russia, was asked to check his trumpet at the gate, despite the fact that it was already properly tagged as carry-on baggage.

Ponomarev, like most other musicians, prefers to bring his instrument onboard because of the often careless handling by airline staff. This time, for reasons unknown, security demanded he hand over his trumpet. When Ponomarev refused, he was reportedly escorted out of sight where security officers used physical force to pry the horn away. As Ponomarev grasped the instrument with his right hand, his left hand was pulled behind his back and broken.

He is currently recuperating in Moscow until Oct. 5. It is not yet known if the trumpeter will press charges.

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