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Tino Derado: Luminescence

Often times, tracing cultural rootage in musical matters becomes as good as a search for an onion’s core. Peeling ethnicity and scholarly layers off the captivating beauty of Luminescence (Sunnyside), by accomplished pianist and accordionist Tino Derado, will not explain away its emotional and intellectual healthiness. His compositions are dedicated to delight and the accompanying international troupe is a willing accomplice in the match. The jazz-trio format is the format chosen by the New York City-based Croat-German leader, although his instrument doubling makes it a virtual quartet. “Indifferent to Luxury,” inspired by Brazilian baiao, exhibits an extraordinary development over its endemic dominant 7th chord that would surely tickle Luiz Gonzaga to no end. Bassist Matt Penman, rather than the expected accordion of Derado, is the one offering chopsful on this one nonetheless. “Ergo Bibemus,” an exhortation to imbibe, is contagious, quintessential European cafe fare with jazzy chordal overlays from both piano and accordion, with perky marching orders given by drummer and percussionist Roland Schneider.

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