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The Tenor Triangle With the Melvin Rhyne Trio: Aztec Blues

Are we clear on the concept here? Blowing session; three tenor saxophones backed by a classic organ trio; a standard or two (one way uptempo), the blues, and more blues. Mix in a deep groove, shake liberally, pour and enjoy. No little umbrellas, no tofu, no Perrier. Oh, yes: a generous dash of talent virtually guarantees a good time. And all of that is in here. Ralph Lalama, Tad Shull and Eric Alexander are the sax provocateurs, each striving to be as individual as possible and so to spark his peers to some unexplored space. “Old hat,” some will say, but so what? There’s plenty of music here, and a game of “who do you hear?” to pique the connoisseurs in the audience. I hear a touch of Dexter in Lalama, a rose-tinted hint of Shorter in Shull, and a champagne-crisp zest of ‘Trane in Alexander. Your mileage may vary, as they say on the ‘Net-but whoever you hear, you’ll hear plenty you like.

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