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Teddy Edwards: Midnight Creeper

Edwards sounds like he’s making the most of some belated interest. Reports are that his live appearances are very strong and his playing here is convincing evidence-as swinging, full-toned and bluesy as ever, yet more thoughtful and melodic, with a much greater emotional range. His loving references to the swing-to-bop era that nurtured him are a joy to hear. The 1997 model Teddy doesn’t sound at all like a man who’s out to prove anything, but plays with an easy authority you don’t hear often.

Virgil Jones’ trumpet shares the front line on four tracks. His full tone blends well with Edwards and his solos are quirky and interesting. Rhythm is Richards Wyands, Buster Williams, and Chip White. Wyands and White are excellent accompanists who seem at times to have ESP, so well do they listen. Williams plays good lines but his recorded sound seems strange to me, almost as if a pickup was used.

This is a good, solid date that keeps growing on you.

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